Compline (pronounced KOM-plin) is a traditional form of prayer before sleep. It uses unaccompanied Gregorian chant to cleanse and calm at the end of the day.

During term, we sing Compline every Tuesday at 10 pm in the chapel. Volunteers prepare the chapel by lighting a hundred small candles, so that as people come in the chapel glows and shimmers. The Chaplain usually leads the service, and regulars help newcomers get the hang of the beautiful chant. The service is short — between 15 and 20 minutes — and meditative. Everyone is encouraged to join in the singing as best they can, but those who prefer just to sit and soak in the atmosphere are most welcome also.

As it is prayer before sleep, those who live on the main site of Hertford College are welcome to Compline in dressing gowns, pyjamas and bunny slippers.