Choral awards

Hertford College offers a total of eight choral awards at any time to fulfil leading roles in the Hertford College Chapel Choir. The awards are provided from the generosity of the present and former Principals and the Hertford Society. Usually, but not necessarily, two awards are offered for each of the vocal parts — soprano, alto, tenor and bass. The awards are worth £250 as a honorarium each year. Award holders, known as choral clerks (clericuli chorales principalium et alumnorum), are expected to

  • Sing at every Sunday Evensong and Thursday Eucharist in Hertford College Chapel in term, with exceptional absence permitted.
  • Attend choir rehearsals every Friday and Sunday in term, with exceptional absence permitted.
  • Mentor and support other members of their part.

Auditions for choral awards are held every year in Freshers' Week (0th week of Michaelmas term). For more information, please contact the Chaplain (chaplain [at] hertford [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk) or the Senior Organ Scholar (aaron [dot] king [at] hertford [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk).