Baptism and confirmation

Baptism icon in the chapel.

From the beginning, baptism — immersion in or sprinkling with water — has been the sacrament and symbol of entering into the Christian faith. Many churches, including the Church of England, celebrate a separate yet connected rite of confirmation. Confirmation is performed by a bishop with prayer, laying on of hands and anointing with oil as a seal on baptismal faith.

The Chaplain prepares candidates for baptism and confirmation each year. Preparation classes usually take place in a small group of those who wish to explore issues of faith, religion and theology with the Chaplain and each other, not all of whom choose to be baptized and/or confirmed.

Those interested in finding out more should contact the Chaplain.

Baptism or blessing of infants

Current members of Hertford College — students, staff and fellows — may request for their children to be baptized in the Chapel, either by the Chaplain or another minister. In either case, the Chaplain should be contacted.

In certain circumstances, parents might prefer a service of prayer and thanksgiving for the birth of a child, in which the child receives a simple blessing instead of baptism, the sacrament of Christian initiation.