Report a maintenance issue

Having a problem with your room, or want to report an issue at your college property? You've come to the right place.

In the event that there is a problem with your accommodation, the best person to notify in the first instance is your scout, who will submit a maintenance request form to have the problem addressed as soon as possible. If you are not able to inform them directly, please contact the Clerk of Works. In the event of an out of hours emergency, contact the lodge (tel: 01865 279400) or your nearest residential caretaker (contact details can be found here).

Pests or infestation

In the event of a pest infestation, or if members suspect there may be pest control issues relating to their residence, they are please asked to contact the Domestic Manager or Clerk of Works immediately. Where there is a suspected pest problem, we would aim to investigate as soon as possible in order to take appropriate steps promptly. However, certain pest control methods require consent from external authorities, and with non-emergency situations there may be a delay while we secure necessary permissions.

Before reporting a problem or fault

In order for the college to respond as effectively as possible, it is important that you provide as much information as possible when reporting an issue to us. Many systems (such as heating and hot water) are controlled by timers, and it is useful to know if a problem is time-specific.

If you have repeatedly lost power when using a particular piece of electrical equipment, we strongly recommended that you immediately cease using it, as it may be unsafe. This issue particularly affects international residents, as we recommend against the use of any electrical power adapters or converters that are not suitable for use on the 220v mains power system used in the UK. Unsafe items which have caused power fuses or outages may be confiscated by the college.

Response times

Response times will vary by the relative urgency of remedial tasks and/or emergency responses: a summary of the typical response times (by priority) is below. All non-emergency reports are prioritised on a daily basis by the college's maintenance team, and responded to in descending order of importance. All works are scheduled, wherever possible, to minimise the level of disruption to residents: although in cases of emergency or urgent reactive maintenance jobs, there may be some unavoidable disruption. Where this occurs, the college will try to notify residents as soon as it can.

Please note that the college reserves the right to enter student properties in certain emergency situations without giving prior notice. Full details of the college's rights to enter, inspect, and remove or confiscate furniture, electrical equipment and other items are set out in the residential licence.

Priority A            Target: Immediate Response

Emergency repairs to critical core services or accommodation (teaching, offices, residential) including meeting of legal safety obligations, where any delay would have a major impact on College activities.  Where necessary, temporary repairs to be carried out to make safe, secure and to restore mechanical and electrical services pending permanent repair.

Priority B            Target:  End of next Working Day

Urgent repairs which, if not carried out, will lead to significant disruption to core College activities or lead to serious degradation of the structure and services resulting in additional repair expenditure.  Where necessary, temporary repairs to be carried out to make safe, secure and to restore mechanical and electrical services pending permanent repair.

Priority C            Target: 5 Working Day Response

Essential repairs which, if not carried out, will result in a lowering of teaching standards, quality of accommodation and availability of facilities.

Priority D            Target:  10 to 15 Working Day Response

Routine repairs and minor improvements to non-critical services, facilities and building elements which are necessary to maintain College standards.

Scheduled maintenance jobs and projects

Where the college is conducting scheduled, remedial maintenance (such as planned site refurbishment), we will ordinarily try to provide a minimum of seven days' prior notice to any residents likey to be affected. At the minimum, we would always try to provide at least 24 hours in urgent situations. This is not always possible in emergency circumstances, but we are committed to carrying out works in as unobtrusive manner as we can. In the event that any unwarranted disruption occurs without explanation, members are asked to please contact the Clerk of Works to notify him, or to request an explanation or update.


In order to carry out emergency necessary repair work, the College reserves the right to enter residential properties at all times. Wherever possible, due notice shall be given. Maintenance staff entering student bedrooms without notice will identify themselves, and if the room is not occupied will leave a note confirming the date and time at which access took place.

Other information relating to Maintenance responses can be found in the Service Level Statement document.