Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about accommodation? This might save you a telephone call.

New Arrivals

I've been accepted to study at Hertford from October. When can I arrive to move into my accommodation?

For freshers, we would usually expect you to arrive during the day on Tuesday of 0th Week (the week commencing the start of term). It is not recommended that you arrive any earlier, as the freshers' committee will not yet be available to welcome you to the college.

I'm arriving by car, and using SatNav. What is the postcode for my accommodation?

The postcode for the main college site is OX1 3BW (Catte Street, Oxford). For the address and postcode of our other sites, please consult the individual site page from the list of College Properties.

Please be advised that Oxford city centre has a number of innaccessible roads for motor vehicles, and a one-way sytem is in effect for traffic in several areas.

I'm arriving by train. How do I get to the college?

The easiest way is to take a taxi from the train station: the taxi rank is directly outside of the station. Ask for Hertford College, on Catte Street.

The station is approximately 8-10 minutes' walk from the college.

I'm arriving by coach. How do I get to the college?

If you are arriving from London, the nearest coach stop for Hertford College is the Queens' Lane stop, on High Street: the Oxford Tube, X90 and Airline services all stop here. From the bus stop, continue on the High Street for two hundred metres, until you reach the University Church on your right. Cross the street at the crossing, and follow the path beside the church onto Radcliffe Square (you will see the Radcliffe Camera directly ahead). Continue in this direction for two hundred metres, and the college lodge is located on your right, opposite the Bodleian Library.

If you are arriving in Oxford from somewhere else, your coach will terminate at the bus station at Gloucester Green. Exit onto George Street, and at the crossroads where it intersects with Cornmarket Street (the pedestrianised shopping street), continue ahead onto Broad Street. Catte Street is the second street on the right, after approximately three hundred metres. Once on Catte Street, the college lodge will be on the left after one hundred and fifty metres.

How do I find out where I'm living?

Upon arrival at the college lodge on Catte Street, you will be directed to your room (you will be asked to sign for your key and/or keycard). A student helper from the freshers' committee should be on hand, to help you locate your bedroom.

How do I get my possessions to my room?

On the scheduled dates of arrival and departure, limited parking is permissible on the streets surrounding the college, on a first-come, first-served basis. This parking provision is for loading and unloading only. As you can imagine, with hundreds of arrivals, we strongly recommend that you pack light; having delivered your possessions to your room, we also ask that any vehicles be moved to one of the local car parks or park-and-ride facilities, in order to allow other students to deliver their possessions in turn. Parking is extremely limited in the city centre, and traffic wardens are highly likely to impose fixed penalty notices on any vehicles that are not obviously in the process of loading and unloading.

Can I bring my car to college?

No. The college regrettably has no car parking available for its student members.

Can I bring my bicycle to college?

Yes. We ask that upon arrival, you please register your bicycle with the lodge. Unregistered bicycles are periodically removed, and recycled. If you intend to cycle in Oxford, we would strongly recommended that you use a bicycle helmet, lights, and a high-visibility vest, as traffic can be very heavy in the city centre. We would also recommend that you do not bring expensive racing bicycles, and that you provide adequate security equipment, such as a D-lock: bicycle theft is very common within the city, and the college accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any bicycles parked on our property.

Can I bring my television, radio, computer, games console, refrigerator, microwave, rice cooker, or other electrical item to college?

Televisions and other portable electrical items are permitted in accommodation, subject to certain conditions. We ask that any electrical equipment brought from home be checked by a qualified electrician, and marked with a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) label, usually on the power plug for easy identification. Any unmarked items, or any items thought to present a danger, may be confiscated by the Housekeeping staff, and returned to you at the end of the college term.

Anyone planning to have a television in their accommodation must arrange for their own individual television licence: the college does not provide this. All common rooms provide a television for their respective members.

The use of the following items are not allowed in student bedrooms under any circumstances: chest freezers or domestic-sized fridge-freezer units, rice cookers, pressure cookers, deep fat fryers, toasters and toasted sandwich-makers, portable or camp stoves, or boiling rings.

All electrical equipment is permitted at the sole discretion of the Domestic Manager, and any enquiries should be addressed to her.

Can I use candles or incense sticks in my room?

No. The use of candles and other flammable materials are strictly prohibited in college accommodation.

Can I smoke in my room?

No. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the college's buildings. Designated smoking areas are provided outside of the college site on Catte Street, and in Holywell Quad.

Can I live with my husband, wife, or partner in college accommodation?

The college provides an extremely limited number of flats for couples. These are all located in North Oxford. If you wish to cohabit, we strongly recommend that you contact the Accommodation Manager at your earliest opportunity, to discuss whether or not we can accommodate your needs.

Can I bring my children, or other dependents?

No, we regret that we are currently unable to provide accommodation for families. We recommend that you contact Oxford University directly, as they provide some suitable accommodation for families.

Can I bring pets to college?

No. Pets are not permitted in college accommodation.

Can I bring a musical instrument with me to college?


It's a set of bagpipes...

We have music practice rooms, so that you can practice without disturbing your fellow residents. 

I require the use of specific furniture items, because of a registered disability or medical condition. Can I bring my own bed, mattress, desk, chair, or other item of furniture?

Yes. We would please ask that you contact the Domestic Manager prior to your arrival, so that any furniture needing to be moved or removed can be addressed before your arrival. 

How big is a college bedroom?

The size of bedrooms varies enormously due to the age of the college's buildings. Regrettably, we are unable to specify exact dimensions.

Will my bedroom have an Internet connection?

Yes. All student bedrooms have either an ethernet (wired connection), or have a wireless Internet signal available. Many bedrooms have both options. For specific enquiries, please consult the IT Office directly.


How much does the accommodation at Hertford cost?

Current accommodation costs can be found by clicking the links for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

How do I pay for my accommodation?

Payment is accepted in person at the Bursary (located in staircase OB1 on the main college site), or online. [Insert Linkit here to online payment system]

Keys, Cards and Codes (Access)

Where do I get my keys from?

The college lodge, at the main site on Catte Street.

What does the access card do?

The access card allows college members to access the outer entrances of the main site, the library, the main site laundry, the JCR and MCR. As the system is expanded, it will eventually include all exterior doors to all college properties.

What is a wicket key?

Until recently, the wicket key allowed access to certain exterior and interior doors around the college's various residential properties. We are currently in the process of phasing these out, in favour of a more secure card access system. Currently however, if you live anywhere other than the main site, you may require a wicket key and this will be issued to you along with your room key by the lodge.

What do the codes do?

A number of exterior doors on the college's properties require a numerical key code to be entered in order to allow access. These are due to be phased out in favour of a more secure access card system: if you require code access, this will be provided upon arrival when you collect your keys. We ask that you please refrain from sharing access codes wth non-members.

Do I need to hand my keys in when I am not in residence?

Yes. At the end of term all keys must be returned to the lodge and handed in. Access cards must be returned at the end of the academic year, for recycling and reissue.

I've just got home at the end of term, and have found my keys in my pocket. What should I do?

Notify the lodge immediately, and they will explain the process for returning your keys by post.

I appear to have locked myself out of my room. What should I do?

Please notify the lodge (open 24 hours a day), and they will provide a spare key temporarily to let you back in. You can also contact a residential caretaker out of hours in an emergency to provide access.

I appear to have lost my key and/or access card. What should I do?

Notify the lodge immediately. Access cards can be immediately cancelled and replaced, ensuring site security: it is therefore vital to notify the lodge.

Please note that there is a £20 charge levied for the replacement of keys or cards.

I'm a college member, but I don't live in college accommodation. Can I have an access card?

Yes, if you have a valid reason for accessing the main site. Please contact the lodge.

Can I get a spare room key or card for my boyfriend/girlfriend?

No. Keys and cards are only provided to college members, and duplicates are not available.

Room Issues

I have a problem with my room. Who should I report it to?

In the first instance, the best person to report a problem to is your scout, or the housekeeper for your residential property. In an out-of-hours emergency (such as the loss of electricity), you should notify the college lodge or your nearest residential caretaker for assistance. Advice on maintenance reporting can be found here: contact information for housekeeping staff can be found here.