Medical and welfare information for graduate freshers

All members of the College need to register with an Oxford doctor, and we strongly encourage all Hertford students to register with the College Doctors, who are based at 28 Beaumont Street.  If you chose to register with a different Oxford doctor, please contact the Lodge with their details by the end of the third week of Michaelmas Term.

To do - medical registration

Registering with the college doctor in order that you are able to access health care whilst you are studying is an important part of your induction.  The college nurse will offer a limited number of individual registration appointments in the weeks beginning 25th September and 2nd October. You will be contacted by the MCR welfare team in due course to allow you to sign up for an appointment to register.  For those unable to make an appointment, it will also be possible to attend registration on Saturday 7th October between 8.30am and 9.30am at the College Doctors’ Surgery.

You also need to complete an online medical registration:

  • Letter from the College Doctors - this includes details regarding online medical registration, which you should complete prior to your arrival in Oxford.  You should complete this in addition to the in-person medical registration appointment with the Nurse or College Doctors at the start of term.

Important information

Please read the below information, particularly regarding vaccinations required.