Joint Subjects Access Day

Single or Joint Honours?

Many students interested in studying at Hertford are passionate about exporing in greater depth just one of the subjects they are studying at A Level or equivalent. So they will apply for English, Maths, Chemistry, Geography etc. But some see university as an oppotunity to move into exciting new areas not taught at school, or to combine their existing academic (and sometimes extra-curricular) interests in novel and dynamic ways. And these are the ones who opt to apply for what Oxford calls Joint Schools, though they are more commonly known as Combined Honours elsewhere.  

Joint Subjects Access Day

Tutors at Hertford are committed to these Joint Schools and keen to draw them to the attention of as many potential applicants as possible. And, because they are aware that it can be a difficult decison to make an application for a combination of subjects not normally taught in school (and for which many schools have no tradition of encouraging applicants), in May 2014 we held a dedicated Access Day for Y12 state school students thinking of applying for a joint degree.

To reflect the range of the joint degrees we offer. the day had four main strands focusing on the degree programmes in Archaeology and Anthropology, Human Sciences, Computer Science and Philosophy (a brand new degree developed by one of our tutors) and Modern Languges (European and Oriental, which can be combined with each other in various ways, as well as with Linguistics, History, English and Philosophy). In additon, we ran a subsidiary strand on the degree in Music

We were delighted that 37% of the participants went on to apply to Oxford and that some of them now hold conditional offers from Hertford (or another Oxfrod college) and are well on course to become Oxford students in October 2015.