Information regarding sexual assault

Sexual assault/rape refers to any kind of sexual act that occurs without the consent of one of the people involved. It can happen to anyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or background. The assault may be committed by someone known to you or a stranger. Most assaults are committed by someone known to you or by someone you may be having a relationship with.

Following an assault people are likely to feel distressed and confused and find it hard to know where to turn for help. Those who are helping them may also feel uncertain as to what to do and where to obtain help. In an emergency situation where you do not feel safe dial 999. Hertford has trained First Responders: These are students who have had training in helping people who have been assaulted. These students can be contacted for help and will help you make choices about getting the appropriate help. They are:

Tea Kecman and Sophia Valaris who are in the MCR

Maya Tikly-Young, Sarah Goodman, Isabella Reynard, Mercy Haggerty, Nikita Khandwala, Katie Burke, Holly Kilner, Bramman Rajkumar, Elle Davies, Amy Wright, Charlotte Jackson, Poppy Iveson, Joe Morrow, Joe Baverstock-Poppy, Lily MacTaggart (on year abroad), Steffi Woodgate, George Grun, Jei Diwakar, Sophie Claypole and Nic Patni from the JCR

Their contact numbers are all in the Porters Lodge – in a First Responder Folder.

Please contact any of them in the strictest confidence if you need help or advice. They can help you with getting transport to a SARC ( see below).

Solace Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARC) are available to provide care following a sexual assault. They are available to help 24 hours a day but it is very important to telephone before you visit.

Telephone: 0300 130 3036

They are staffed by trained crisis workers and have specialist doctors who can advise and, with your consent, examine you. This is whether or not you wish to involve the police.

Contact your nearest Solace Centre for help and advice, you can find contact details below. The Porters at Hertford will call you a taxi to take you to a SARC and College will cover the cost for the journey or you can do this yourself and keep receipts for reimbursement in complete confidence later. You are welcome to take a friend with you or to ask for a Junior Dean or member of staff to accompany you.


The nearest SARC are in Slough and Milton Keynes

Thames Valley SARC Slough

Upton Hospital
Church Street

Tel: 0300 130 3036


Thames Valley SARC Bletchley

Sherwood Drive
Milton Keynes

Tel: 0300 130 3036

Other useful resources:

Telephone:  0808 802 9999

Students should consider downloading the Oxford-specific First Response App which contains useful information about support available for survivors of sexual violence.