How we teach

Undergraduates attend lectures in the Geography Department, and attend tutorials in College.  We normally teach in twos or threes, which gives us the opportunity to comment widely and in detail upon written work and the undergraduates' understanding of the general topic as shown in tutorial discussion.  Strange as it may seem, the undergraduate soon learns that the tutorial is the highlight of the week, not the sump!  The tutorial is where we explore the topic widely, and discussion can range across many different fields and even disciplines.  It is the culmination of the preparatory work undertaken that week by the student.  In Geography we encourage a tutorial group to work together, to share the reading and to discuss the tutorial topic amongst themselves before the actual tutorial.  We often have seminars for the whole year to attend, and usually one undergraduate chairs the meeting.  We even have meetings where all three years attend to discuss contemporary issues.  So the learning experience in Geography is as a group.  We work together and help each other.  Everyone has a weak spot, which can be remedied with reference to another in the peer group.