Food Allergies

A small but significant proportion of our members may have allergies to food products that are used routinely in the production of some meals that we serve. Following serveral instances of accidental allergic reaction, the college has committed to steps to ensure that the risk of such reactions is mitigated as far as is practicable.

The most common causes of food allergies are:

  • Nuts
  • Dairy produce (milk, cheese, butter)
  • Seafood & shellfish

Wherever possible, the college will make every effort to identify where any of these products have been used in the preparation of meals served to its members. Menus on the college website, outside of the servery areas, or on tables will denote whether meals contain one or more of these items, using the following indicators:

  • Nuts (n)
  • Dairy produce (d)
  • Seafood & shellfish (s)

Meals containing any of these items will also be indicated as such at the point of service.

College catering is prepared during term-time at two sites: the main kitchen, and the annexe kitchen site at Warnock House. While every effort is made by both the Kitchen and Catering Services teams to prevent items accidental exposure to allergens, neither of our main food preparation areas is guaranteed to be free of nuts, dairy produce, or seafood. Additionally, the college serves food items manufactured elsewhere (including, among other items, confectionary, desserts and pastry products, sandwiches and other pre-prepared foods), which may contain allergens, or be produced in a location in which such food allergens are present. Wherever possible (and where not already identified by labelling on the product itself), the college will identify potential allergens.

College members with known food allergies (whether mild or serious) are strongly advised to notify the Catering Services Manager and Head Chef, so that suitable meals can be prepared for them.