What to do in the vacation

The vacations in between terms offer wonderful opportunities to travel and explore

  • Students here for the whole academic year will have Christmas vacation and Easter vacation
  • Students here for the spring semester or the Oxford Hilary and Trinity terms will have the Easter vacation
  • All students are expected to vacate their rooms (take all belongings with them) at the end of term, though you can store belongings in designated rooms in college
  • If you need to stay on beyond the end of term for a few days, or need to come back early, then this must be arranged in advance with Louise Turner in the International Programmes Office. There will be an extra charge per night.


Christmas vacation

Most students go back home for the Christmas vacation, or do a bit of travelling at the beginning of December before heading home.

Easter vacation

Most students use this opportunity to explore the United Kingdom or use Britain as a stepping stone to travel to Europe or beyond.

  • For students who are with us for 6 months to a year it is a good idea to buy a student rail card as this cuts prices of tickets by a third.
  • For travelling around Europe the inter-rail pass is very useful.

It is tempting to see as many countries as possible and do “the grand tour”, BUT this can be very tiring and in the past visiting students have begun the summer term somewhat exhausted as a result.  So it is essential to factor in some rest and recuperation time.

Travel plans which have worked for past visiting students included:

  • Using a youth hostel as a base and walking some of Britain’s long distance footpaths
  • Working on an Organic Farm in Europe (WOOFING) – you get time off to explore the local area
  • Getting together and renting an apartment for the duration in one of Europe’s beautiful cities such as Venice or Paris and really getting to know that one city well
  • Organising a “homestay” with a local family in France, Spain or Germany in order to improve existing language skills and learn more about the local culture.

Vacation Reading

  • Tutors do expect students to prepare for their tutorials in the following term by doing some vacation reading so you do need to factor this into your schedule

Resting during the vacation

  • Oxford terms are short but very intense and by the end of term you will be exhilarated but tired
  • It is vital that your vacation plans include time to rest, sleep and recuperate so that you come back to Hertford refreshed for the next term.