The undergraduate and graduate student bodies 

In all Oxford Colleges the undergraduates are members of a body called the Junior Common Room or JCR and the graduates are members of a body called the Middle Common Room or MCR. Both groups have spacious common rooms where you can go and relax and meet other students and both run a full calendar of social events throughout the term so there are plenty of opportunities to have fun and make new friends. 

  • Hertford College is the only college where visiting students are members of both the graduate and undergraduate bodies and you are made very welcome at all their events.
  • Both the MCR and the JCR have an executive committee of elected officers, headed by a President, to help run things.
  • The MCR President will come to your welcome lunch on your first day in college.  
  • You will have a separate lunch so that you can meet the JCR Executive. At that lunch you will meet, amongst others, the JCR president, the International Students’ Representative, the Sports Officer and the Welfare Officers.

For more information follow the web links below.

JCR (Junior Common Room)

MCR (Middle Common Room)