Life as a Visiting Student

As a visiting student you will be treated just like a regular Oxford undergraduate and your experience has the potential to be rich and diverse.

Much of your day time will revolve around your academic studies, either going to lectures or researching a topic in the library to prepare for your tutorials.  Many students find the amount of time available for individual study very rewarding and through it discover a love of research that they did not know they had. This then encourages them to consider graduate school as an option after their first degree.

There are marvellous opportunities to pursue your other passions as well. Both in Hertford College and the University as a whole there are a huge range of clubs and societies – providing students with the chance to try something new, to develop existing skills and of course to make new friends.

Then there is a rich social life provided by the graduate and undergraduate bodies – Hertford is the only college to make visiting students members of the graduate body as well as the undergraduate body.  Both undergraduates and graduates organise a diverse calendar of events throughout the term, ranging from jazz and cocktails, to film screenings, to dances in fancy dress. So there are many opportunities for you to meet kindred spirits and have fun after a full day's work.

For more information please look at the sections on academic life and social life.

Academic Life

Social Life 

Personal Accounts of former Visiting Students 



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