Life at Hertford for graduates

One of the most dynamic elements of university and college life in recent years has been the expansion in the number of students studying for higher degrees. This section gives a brief introduction to our graduate community at Hertford College. While all graduate students at Oxford are initially admitted by university faculties or departments, each has a college affiliation (for details and terms of application see the University's graduate admissions web pages).

Who we are

Currently the Hertford graduate community comprises around 400 students, the college admitting between 80 and 100 postgraduates each year to read for Masters and doctorates in most arts, humanities, social science and natural science subjects including medicine. The balance between taught courses and research degrees admitted each year is about 60% taught, 40% research, although many who start on taught courses later continue with research degrees.

What we offer

Hertford provides subsidised accommodation to most first year graduates and many in years thereafter. College accommodation for graduates is spread across the city, including in a purpose built Graduate Centre in south Oxford a short distance from the main college site. Every graduate student at Hertford is a member of the Middle Common Room (MCR), which provides a social focus on the main college site in a suite of rooms including an IT room and social centre in the Octagon. Graduates have access to all college sporting and other extra-curricular facilities. The MCR organises a wide variety of voluntary activities, social, cultural and academic, including regular informal seminars providing graduates with opportunities to present their work to peers and seniors members of the college. Each graduate has a college adviser who is a senior member of the college (a ‘Fellow’) who is there to help introduce graduates to collegiate life, and to act as someone to whom the student can apply for advice, encouragement and assistance outside the formal framework of the graduate programme.

Our ethos

Over the years, the Hertford MCR and graduate community has developed a diverse, welcoming, friendly, relaxed and lively atmosphere that unintrusively supports the serious academic endeavours of its members, providing an alternative social and intellectual context to complement that provided elsewhere by graduates’ departments and faculties.