Why Hertford for graduates?

Choosing a college comes down to what facilities the college offers, its location, availability of housing, scholarships, financial support and the character of the graduate community.

 The college is centrally located, across from the Bodleian Library, Oxford's main library. 

  • The Middle Common Room (MCR) to which all graduates belong, is comprised of some of the best rooms in the College, including the renowned Octagon.
  • The College policy is to endeavour to house all new graduates who apply for accommodation before 21 June of the calendar year they come into residence for the first time.  To guarantee a room new graduates are required to pay a refundable deposit of £400. We can also house many returning fee paying graduates.
  • Hertford's Graduate Centre offers excellent modern ensuite accommodation by the river about ten minutes' walk from the central site. Graduate accommodation is also provided in houses in North Oxford where there are a limited number of married flats.
  • Hertford accommodation is competitively priced relative to the private rented market and other colleges in Oxford. For further information on graduate accommodation see here
  • Hertford offers some of the best MCR computing facilities in Oxford.
  • The members of Hertford MCR come from all over the world, and study a wide variety of subjects.

In keeping with Hertford's tradition as one of the more progressive Oxford colleges, the MCR is generally seen as a lively, extremely social and active body. For a better feel of what's going on in Hertford's MCR, take a look at the MCR section of this site.