Paying battels


 When do I pay?

The term “Battels” includes all sums payable to the college by members, including fees.

Students whose fees are funded by a regional funding agency have their fees remitted to the college directly by the agency. Under government rules, student loans are not repaid until after graduation. All students responsible for meeting their own university fees must pay in full at the start of the academic year. Non payment of fees is likely to lead to suspension from college and university facilities.

Battels are issued at the start of term (0th Week) for payment by the end of 3rd Week. Battels includes term rent and facilities charge which are paid in advance and meal, vacation rent and other charges incurred the previous term.

Non payment of battels by the end of 3rd Week results in an automatic £25 administrative charge, increasing to £50 for non payment by the end of 5th Week. Beyond this period further sanctions may be applied including exclusion from college housing and suspension. For details see Information for Members.

How do I pay?

You may pay your battels online via the Secure Hosting Payment web site This is quick, easy and secure. You will need a username and password which will be sent to your home address. A step by step guide to online battels payment can be found here.

You may also go direcly to the online payment

Please note that those attempting to access the online payment system from outside of the Hertford College network will need to be running the University's VPN service in order to connect. To install the VPN client software, please click here.

You may also pay your battels by cheque, debit card or credit card in the Bursary (OB2).

What happens if I experience financial difficulties?

If you experience unexpected financial difficulties you should discuss this with the Bursar at the earliest opportunity. You may be eligible to apply for university or college hardship funds.

If you have not applied for a tuition fee loan or maintenance loan or grant for which you are eligible by the start of the academic year you should notify the Bursary. You must register with your regional funding agency at the start of each academic year. You have up to nine months after the start of the academic year to apply or register or change you application.

What do I pay if I leave before the end of my course?

Those taking courses for which tuition is provided by the University remain liable to pay fees to the College as long as they remain liable to pay fees to the University. Graduate students are therefore charged fees for the first year and in each year immediately following, whether or not they are in residence in Oxford, until such time as the total fees for the course have been paid. Any member of the College who leaves the University before the end of her or his course remains liable for University and College fees, including those payable for the whole of the academic year in which he or she leaves. 

Students vacating their college rooms before the expiry of the room license remain liable for payment of the rent until such time as the college finds an alternative tenant.