Financial support for undergraduate students

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What financial support is available to help fund my studies?

Government support

  • Details of government grants and loans are available from your regional funding agency. The level of support depends on your household income.
  • A government maintenance loan of £3,821 is available for all English students regardless of household income through Student Finance England.
  • English students from households with incomes less than £25,000 will be entitled to full grant of £3,387 (this will discontinue from next year); if their household income is between £25,000 and £42,620 they will be entitled to a partial grant of between £3,387 and £50. Those with a total hosehold income less than £25,000 can can also apply for a maintenance loan of £8,200.

Oxford University support



Household Income Oxford   bursary in 1st year      
£16,000 or less £4,500      
£16,001-£20,000 £3,500      
£20,001-£25,000 £3,250-£3,000      
£25,001-£30,000 £2,500-£2,000      
£30,001-£35000 £1,750-£1,500      
£35,001-£40,000 £1,250-£1,000      
£40,001-£42,875 £500      
£42,875+ £0      

Pre 2012 entry students: UK students who started before 2012 whose household income is assessed below £50,706 are eligible for an Oxford Opportunity Bursary. There is no application process. EU students are not eligible for this bursary. 



Household Income Bursary
£0-£18,000 £3,225
£18001-£25,000 £3,225
£25,001-£30,000 £3,108-£2,166
£30,001-£35,000 £1,947-£1,128
£35,001-£40,000 £1,000-£750
£40,001-£50,695 £500
£50,695+ £0

Hertford College support

Hertford College Undergraduate Bursary

Hertford College provides a bursary to all UK and EU undergraduates studying for a 1st degree who are assessed by their regional funding agency as having a household income of less than £51,619. The amount awarded is means tested and awards are will be confirmed once a student is enrolled at the college.  The bursary is not available for PGCE or Graduate entry Medical students. Students in receipt of a Moritz Heyman Scholarship are not eligible.

This bursary is in addition to government loans and grants and the Oxford bursary.

There is no application process provided you have been financially assessed by your regional funding agency and you have consented to share information on your household income with the University on your assessment application.

The Hertford bursary will be automatically credited to your College account in two equal instalments in January and April.

Student Support Fund

Students who experience unexpected financial hardship during their time at Hertford may apply for a grant from the college Student Support Fund. Grants are available to UK, EU and overseas undergraduates and graduates and are awarded termly on the recommendation of the Student Support Sub-Committee. The Student Support Sub-Committee meets each term in 3rd and 6th weeks. In a financial emergency an application may be considered between meetings.  Please contact the Academic Office for further information.  Application forms are available here.

Preston Travel and Research Fund

The Preston Travel and Research Fund is designed to support undergraduates through the provision of small scale grants to enable them to undertake projects with a demonstrable connection to their academic experience while at Hertford College. The Fund is not a substitute for ‘hardship’ support, nor is it designed to provide any kind of long-term financial support. It exists to enable students to undertake specific academic-related projects or activities that they might otherwise be prevented from undertaking because of financial constraints.  Applications by Friday of 4th week of each term.   For further details see here.

The Ben Ogden Memorial Travel Fund

This fund was set up in memory of a Law graduate, Ben Ogden, who read Law with German at Hertford between 2004 and 2008. The fund provides support for a Hertford student (or students) participating in a project involving pro bono activities abroad, with a preference for legal pro bono activity. For further details see here.

Summer Research Studentships

Each summer the College offers up to three studentships designed to allow Hertford undergraduates to work with Hertford Fellows or stipendiary lecturers (or with a supervisor from another college, or from a Department or Faculty) in a laboratory or other research project environment; the intention is to offer the opportunity to work outside examined work and get a taste of research in a specific area. The studentships last for up to six weeks, and include food and accommodation in college and a weekly living allowance of £50.The details are advertised in Hilary Term, and also circulated to the JCR. Further details can be found here.


Scholarships of £200 per year for two years (with possible extension for four year courses) are awarded to undergraduates who obtain a distinction or 1st in their first public examinations.

Academic vacation residence

All UK/EU undergraduates are eligible to apply for academic vacation residence for which a vacation grant is funded by the College. This applies to those required to remain in Oxford to study for finals, prepare dissertations or undertake other course directed reading. The application must be supported in writing by the Tutor. Rent will be charged for the period booked and confirmed by the Accommodation Manager at 25% of the vacation rent rate of £18.68 /night (£4.67/night) up to an absolute maximum of 37 nights a year. If the entitlement is exceeded rent will be charged at the normal vacation rent rate. There is no rebate for nights when the vacation residence has been booked but not used.

Language courses

Hertford undergraduates who undertake an OPAL language course with the Language Centre are eligible for a 50% reimbursement of the course fees upon successful completion.  Please note that the examination entry fee is not reimbursed by Hertford.  For information on these courses please see here.

Details of University Funds can be found on these websites:

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