Financial support for graduate students

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What financial support is available to help fund my studies?

Student Support funds

Students who experience unexpected financial hardship during their time at Hertford may apply for a grant from the college Student Support Fund. Grants are available to UK, EU and overseas undergraduates and graduates and are awarded termly on the recommendation of the Student Support Sub-Committee. The Student Support Committee meets each term in 3rd and 6th weeks. In a financial emergency an application may be considered between meetings. Please contact the Academic Office for further information. Application forms are available here.

Travel Grants

The College holds funds which may be distributed to fee-paying Graduates to fund travel for research purposes. Applications must be made by the end of 4th week. A letter of application addressed to the Tutor for Graduates, detailing travel plans and expenses and any monies already gained, should be submitted to the Academic Office along with a supervisor's letter of support. Retrospective applications cannot be considered.  Further details on how to apply can be found here.

Language courses

Hertford graduate students who undertake an OPAL language course with the Language Centre are eligible for a 50% reimbursement of the course fees upon successful completion.  Please note that the examination entry fee is not reimbursed by Hertford.  For information on these courses please see here.


There are a number of Senior Scholarships available for graduates. These are both college only scholarships and scholarships funded jointly with the University and other funding bodies such as research councils. Scholarships will be advertised on the Hertford website here, and in the University Gazette.

The Julia, Bruce, & Mortimer May Scholarship

Offered every 4-7 years (last awarded in 2015) by Hertford College and the School of Geography and the Environment, the Julia, Bruce, & Mortimer May Scholarship is worth £15,000 for three years to a student planning to embark upon a research degree in the School of Geography.

Canadian Centennial Scholarship

Open to all full time Canadian Graduate Students. Awards range from £500 to £2,500.  Details and guidance on how to apply are available here.

Details of University Funds can be found on these websites:

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