Costs for graduate students

What does it cost?

University fees

University fees depend on your course. Please see the University website for further information.

College fees

The college graduate fee for 2017-18 is £3,021. This fee covers academic facilities and other services provided by the college, but does not include accommodation or meals. Please note that the college fee for the following courses are not charged at the standard graduate rate:

  • Overseas students in Year 1 of Graduate Entry Medicine (undergraduate rate)
  • MBA (£3,150)
  • EMBA (£1511)

There is a continuation charge of £100 per term for graduates who are out of fee liability (normally after three years). 

Living costs


As graduate students retain their rooms during the vacations the licence fee is charged as follows:

  • Michaelmas Term 1st October * to 31st December | £1,847.36
  • Hilary Term 1st January to 31st March | £1,807.20
  • Trinity Term (standard) 1st April to 31st July * | £2,449.76
  • Trinity Term (short) 1st April to 30th June | £1,807.28

(* or from date of arrival if later, up to Thursday of 0th week latest)


A refundable deposit of £400 is required for a graduate fresher to guarantee a room. The deposit is refunded in by the start of the following Trinity term.