Bursaries & hardship grants

Hertford bursaries are means-tested and awarded to undergraduates according to their family's household income.

We spend over £100,000 on bursaries each year, helping over 100 students with the cost of accommodation and food.

Given the increased time and investment we are giving to our outreach work, we anticipate that the number of students receiving bursaries will rise as we encourage applicants from the widest range of backgrounds to study at Hertford.

Hertford welcomes all sorts of people who might not otherwise consider Oxford. But it is an expensive place to live. Your loan can disappear very quickly just on everyday living. Without this support, I’d never have been able to afford to live in Oxford - Tomos Rees (Law student, 2012)

Hardship funds help those students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, who encounter unexpected financial difficulty.

We spend up to £30,000 in hardship grants each year, and this is sure to rise, particularly given the recent cuts to student maintenance grants.



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