204 Woodstock Road

204 Woodstock Road

204 Woodstock Road

Number of flats: 2
Number of bedrooms: 6
Number of bathrooms: 4
Number of kitchens: 3
Car parking: No
Bicycle storage: Yes (at rear of property)

Onsite Caretaker: No
Nearest Caretaker: 57 Banbury Road
Housekeeper: Caroline Cullen

Walking distance to main college site: 1.7 miles (2.7 km)

Located a few minutes' walk from the centre of Summertown, 204 Woodstock Road is one of the college's quietest properties, well suited to those preferring an independent lifestyle away from the city centre. The property houses 6 student bedrooms, as well as two self-contained flats for couples. The house is situated on a direct bus route to the city centre. Please note that the flats are accessed at the side and rear of the property.

Accommodation is provided here for postgraduate students. Bicycle storage is available at the rear of the house. A coin-operated laundry is available nearby at 189 Banbury Road. The house has both wireless Internet access and ethernet connection. Apart from the dual-occupancy flats, all bedrooms are single occupancy only.