New Buildings Quadrangle ('NB Quad')

The Octagon window, New Building Quad

Catte Street

Number of bedrooms: 80
Number of bathrooms: 27
Number of kitchens: 5
Car parking: No
Bicycle storage: Yes

New Buildings Quadrangle, more commonly referred to as NB Quad, dates to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, and is connected to OB Quad by the Bridge of Sighs, which spans New College Lane. Facilities include the Surgery (NB1), the College Gymnasium (NB3), the College Bar (NB4), the Laundry (below NB6), Middle Common Room (NB7), and the Maintenance Workshop (below NB7).

The old city wall once passed through what is now the centre of NB Quad, and one of the towers still exists, although it has been extensively converted into its current form of the octagonal building which now houses the Middle Common Room (MCR).