Access and Outreach Overview

We encourage any school interested in Hertford to pay us a visit. Groups that range in size from 5–40, and from Y9 to Y12, regularly visit the college to get a feel for the environment, to meet current undergraduates, and to find out about the Admissions process. We can provide a tailor-made programme for groups of 15–20 that includes an academic session, suited to the interests of the group, and the opportunity to eat lunch in hall.

We also offer a range of dedicated outreach sessions, targeted at our link schools in the first instance, but also suitable for state schools elsewhere. These are designed to meet the needs of particular schools and year groups, and can include an introduction to the structure of the university and the tutorial teaching system, academic taster sessions and interview workshops.

To plan a school visit to Hertford or to enquire about our outreach programme, please contact Catherine Redford. Individuals can also make arrangements to visit Hertford by contacting Lisa Hartwright and prospective applicants are always welcome to go into the Lodge to ask to have a look at the college.

In addition, we support a range of university-wide initiatives, in particular the Open Days that take place in June/July and September. We also participate in the Oxford Pathways Programme to encourage aspiration and achievement at GCSE level, support the hugely successful UNIQ Summer Schools and offer tours to complement departmental admissions talks or Open Days.