Professor Bjarke Frellesvig

Fellow and Tutor in Oriental Studies (Japanese Linguistics)

Professor of Japanese Linguistics

Oriental Studies
MA Ph.D.

Bjarke was an undergraduate and graduate student at the University of Copenhagen where he studied Japanese and Linguistics. He received his Ph.D. there in 1993. Before coming to Oxford in 1999 he worked at the University of Copenhagen and at the University of Oslo in Norway.

Undergraduate teaching 

Bjarke teaches undergraduate tutorials in Japanese and particularly in Classical Japanese and japanese Linguistics. He lectures in the Oriental Studies Faculty on the History and Structure of Japanese and on Old Japanese.

Postgraduate teaching 

Bjarke teaches premodern Japanese and Japanese linguistics and language history for graduate degrees in Japanese (both in the Humanities Division and in the Social Science Division) and in Linguistics. He also supervises research students within Japanese language and linguistics, in the Oriental Studies Faculty and in the Faculty for Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics.


Bjarke has worked and published primarily on the history and pre-history of the Japanese language. His book A history of the Japanese language (published 2010 by Cambridge University Press) gives a comprehensive overview over the history of the Japanese language as it is reflected in written sources, going back to the beginning of the 8th century AD. You can watch Bjarke talk about the book on YouTube by clicking here. He has published widely on a number of specific issues within Japanese historical phonology and morphology and on the reconstruction of proto-Japanese. Since 2009 much of his work has been on the syntax of Old Japanese, as the Principal Investigator of a large international collaborative research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. He is also the Project Director of a related project, The Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese which has been adopted by the British Academy as an Academy Research Project. This project aims to compile a digital corpus of all texts from the Old Japanese period (8th century), annotated with a rich variety of linguistic and other information about the texts, and also to develop an Old Japanese - English dictionary. Both of these projects include collaboration with scholars from the UK, elsewhere in Europe, Japan and the US. He is also involved in a number of collaborative research projects based in Japan. A large publication project, of which Bjarke is one of the three editors, is the two volume Handbook of Japanese Historical Linguistics which will be published by Mouton in 2016, and which will include contributions from around 50 authors.

 Bjarke is the Director of the University’s Research Centre for Japanese Language and Linguistics. He is also President of the European Association of Japanese Studies.



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