Ms Rebecca Beattie

Graduate Scholar in Modern Languages

I’m from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and completed my BA in French and Spanish at Keble College, Oxford, last year. I have since been warmly welcomed into the graduate community at Hertford, studying for my M.St. in Spanish. I am currently focusing on the development of prose narratives during the Spanish Renaissance with the aim of producing a piece which examines the role and depiction of women, and how this relates to the period’s tendency towards metafiction. Later in the year, I am also keen to build upon work I have already done on postcolonial theory, particularly the manipulation of time in postcolonial fiction. If possible, I would like to continue my studies in the future into a more detailed exploration of the techniques that Spanish Renaissance writers used in order to cultivate the skill of critical awareness in the reader. The financial aid I have received from Hertford has been instrumental in helping me get this far.