Mr Andrea Caleo

Carreras Senior Scholar in Astrophysics

I am reading for a DPhil in theoretical astrophysics at the Physics department. My project involves the study of rotating stars, with particular focus on the Sun. It has been known for a long time that the Sun and other stars rotate differentially, i.e. not as rigid bodies, but recent data have allowed us to reconstruct their internal rotation profile with much greater accuracy than anyone could have ever imagined. The theory now has to make a leap forward to explain these results. In my studies, I have put forward a model for the rotation of the upper radiative zone of the Sun which is compatible with the current data and simpler than many alternatives (see Moving on to a more active field, I am now working on the processes that act to modify the rotation of other structures, most importantly red giant stars.

Before studying in Oxford, I have been at the University of Pisa and Scuola Normale Superiore, where I was awarded a BD and a MSc in Physics. During my MSc, I have undertaken research on other stellar systems, known as recurrent novae (see

I have been interested in mathematics and physics since high school. I received 2 gold medals at the Italian Mathematical Olympiads, 1 gold medal at the Italian Physics Olympiads, and 1 Silver medal at the International Physics Olympiads. I help the organisers of the Italian Physics Olympiads with the selection of problems for the new participants and I act as the global moderator of their official forum.