Dr Sam Henry

Stipendiary Lecturer in Physics

Detector Development Scientist

MSci DPhil

Sam received his undergraduate degree in physics at Durham, and came to Oxford in 2000 as a graduate student, completing his DPhil in 2003.  Apart from a long term attachment at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (Italy), he has remained in Oxford, and joined Hertford College in 2007.




Undergraduate teaching 

Sam teaches undergraduate tutorials in mathematics for first year physics students. In the physics department is a senior demonstrator in the Nuclear Physics teaching laboratory, and gives lectures on the particle physics graduate lecture course.


Sam’s research is focussed on building instrumentation for experiments in particle physics and astroparticle physics. He started an R&D programme at Oxford to develop a calibration magnetometer for the Muon g−2 experiment at Fermilab in the USA, which aims to search for New Physics by making a precision measurement of the magnetic properties of the muon. He is also investigating possible industrial applications of SQUID magnetometry.

He has worked on dark matter searches, searching for particle dark matter using cryogenic detectors operating at millikelvin temperatures. He led the Oxford effort developing SQUID magnetometry for a cryogenic experiment to measure the electric dipole moment of the neutron. A non-zero measurement of this quantity would have a major impact on particle physics and cosmology, and help explain the imbalance of matter and antimatter in the Universe.

Sam is interested in developing applications of particle physics technology for use in other fields, such geomagnetic measurements and other geophysics studies.