Dr Radoslaw Zubek

Fellow and Tutor in Politics

University Lecturer in European Politics


Before joining Hertford College in 2009, Radoslaw worked at the London School of Economics and the University of Potsdam in Germany. Between 2004 and 2007, he was Research Director at Ernst & Young in Warsaw, Poland.


Undergraduate teaching 

Radoslaw teaches undergraduate tutorials in Introduction to Politics, Comparative Government, and Politics in Europe.

Postgraduate teaching 

Radoslaw is the Course Director of the MPhil in European Politics and Society. He also supervises research students in the general field of comparative European politics.


Radoslaw’s main research interests include the comparative study of executives and parliaments in Europe, Europeanization of domestic political institutions and national compliance with EU law. 

He is currently leading a comparative research project on agenda-setting in European legislatures funded by the British Academy and the John Fell Fund. The project examines the practice of, and the institutional foundations for, negative and positive agenda control in 18 European parliaments.


Journal Articles

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Edited volumes:

  • Radoslaw Zubek and Klaus H. Goetz (eds.) (2010) Towards Effective Government? Institutional Performance in New EU Member States. Special issue of Journal of Public Policy, 30(1).


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