Dr Katherine Lunn-Rockliffe

Fellow and Tutor in French

Faculty Lecturer

Modern Languages
MA DPhil

Katherine received her undergraduate and graduate education at Hertford College, Oxford. Following a period as Junior Research Fellow and then British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow at St Anne’s College, Katherine returned to Hertford in 2005 to take up a fellowship.

Undergraduate teaching 

Katherine teaches undergraduate tutorials in French literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Postgraduate teaching 

Katherine teaches the M.St. Special Subject in nineteenth-century poetry, and supervises research students in the general field of nineteenth-century French literature.


Katherine Lunn-Rockliffe's main research interests are in the field of nineteenth-century poetry. She has worked on Symbolism and her book Tristan Corbière and the Poetics of Irony was published in 2006 by Oxford University Press. Currently she is working on Romantic verse, in particular a study of progress in Victor Hugo's poetry. Her work has been published in a variety of international journals.


Journal Articles

  • 'Humanity's Struggle with Nature in Victor Hugo's Poetry of Progress', Modern Language Review, 107 (2012) 143-61
  • 'Progress as Idea and Image in Victor Hugo's "Force des choses"', Dix-neuf, 13 (2009), 36-54
  • 'Death and the Aesthetic of Continuity: Victor Hugo’s Les Contemplations', French Studies, 62 (2008), 13-25
  • 'Paris as Bazaar: Tristan Corbière's Poetry of the City', Nineteenth-Century French Studies, 33 (2004), 120-34
  • 'Voice-Defying Lyricism: Tristan Corbière's "Les Amours jaunes"', French Studies, 56 (2002), 165-78


  • Tristan Corbière and the Poetics of Irony, Oxford Modern Languages Monographs (Oxford: OUP, 2006)


  • 'Changing Constellations in Victor Hugo's Contemplations', in 'When familiar meanings dissolve...': Essays in French Studies in Memory of Malcolm Bowie, ed. by Naomi Segal and Gill Rye (Bern: Peter Lang, 2011), 83-96
  • '"Intérêt et Principal": Nineteenth-Century Borrowings of La Fontaine's "La Cigale et la fourmi"', in: Currencies: Fiscal Fortunes and Cultural Capital in Nineteenth-Century France (Bern: Peter Lang, 2005), 89-100