Dr Ayoush Lazikani

Stipendiary Lecturer in Old and Middle English


I completed my BA degree, Master of Studies, and D.Phil at the University of Oxford. My doctorate, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, focused on early thirteenth-century anchoritic texts. I was supervised by Dr Annie Sutherland and examined by Professors Vincent Gillespie and Elizabeth Robertson.

Undergraduate teaching 

I teach a range of undergraduate papers in Old and Middle English literature at Oxford. This includes Prelims Paper 2, FHS Course I Paper 2, FHS Course II Papers 1 and 3, and dissertations on various topics, especially Beowulf, the Exeter Book, medieval women’s devotional literature, and Arthurian romance. I also teach the language element of Prelims Paper 1.


My research focuses on the languages of affective stirrings and pain in Early Middle English, Latin, and Anglo-Norman devotional texts of the High Middle Ages. I have published on thirteenth-century hagiographies and Passion meditations. 'My first monograph, Cultivating the Heart, published with University of Wales Press in 2015, studies the language of compassion, love, and sorrow in a range of homiletic, hagiographic, meditational, lyric, and anchoritic texts from the eleventh to the thirteenth centuries:  http://www.uwp.co.uk/authors/as-lazikani