Dr Alison Young

Fellow and Tutor in Law

CUF lecturer


Alison received her undergraduate education at the University of Birmingham, being awarded an LLB in Law and French, which included studying for a Diplôme d’études juridiques françaises at the Université de Limoges. She then came to Hertford, obtaining a BCL and D Phil here. She was a Tutorial Fellow in Law at Balliol College for three years, before returning to Hertford in 2000 to take up her Fellowship at the college.


Undergraduate teaching 

Alison teaches undergraduate tutorials in Constitutional law, Administrative law and European Union law.

Postgraduate teaching 

Alison teaches seminars and tutorials on the BCL Comparative Public law course, and also provides seminars on the BCL course on Constitutional Principles of European Union law. She also supervises research students in the general field of Constitutional theory, Public law, and human rights, particularly the right of freedom of expression. 


Alison’s research focuses predominantly on theoretical issues in public law, particularly constitutional theory of the UK and the European Union. She also focuses upon a comparative analysis of human rights protections. Her first book, Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Human Rights Act 1998 was published in 2009 by Hart Publishing. Her work on public law has been published in a wide variety of international journals.

 She is currently working on her second book, proposing a dialogic theory of constitutional analysis, as well as editing a collection of essays on parliamentary sovereignty with Professor Rick Rawlings and Professor Peter Leyland for Oxford University Press.  She is a contributor to the Constitutional law blog  and is a member of the Oxford Human Rights Hub.

Additionally, current research projects also include: a theoretical analysis of the principle of proportionality, an evaluation of recent decisions of the French Conseil constitutionnel with Sophie Boyron, an assessment of transparency and human rights adjudication and an analysis of the interplay of legal and political constitutionalism under the Human Rights Act 1998.


A constantly updated list of all of her publications can be found on her faculty web page: http://www.law.ox.ac.uk/profile/younga


Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Human Rights Act (Hart, 2009)

Book contributions

 ‘Accountability and Human Rights Adjudication’ in P Leyland and N Bamforth (eds) Accountability in the Contemporary Constitution (forthcoming, Oxford University Press, 2013). 

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Case note

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Book reviews

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